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I am quite positive that this movie would be better if you cranked that music down. I can hardly hear what the fella is saying half the time.


you make nice movies.

Oh, and you are getting my traffic because you posted that little note on the front page. So it was kinda like a self fulfilling prophecy... or something.

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Hmmm... I didn't think anyone read those little posts. :P Maybe I should put one up every day during a peak hour... nah...

Anyway thanks for the great review. :)


nicely done, even though the art was very simple. I loved the fact that his mouth was right between his eyes.


I thought the artwork and sound were good, but i thought that the comedic timing was bad, and it made the flick seem to drag on really long. If you tightened up the delivery of the jokes, it would improve this immensely.


damn, dude!

wow, i'm really impressed. your sense of cinematic timing is perfect, and the animation, was great. my only constructive criticism is that now if you could just take the same material and made it frame by frame instead of motion-tweening it, it would improve immensely. The art style was consistent throughout, the only thing that was noticable was the joints vaguely separating from each other.

Do you know what i'm talking about?

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah man I know exactly what you'Re talking about and I'm aware of this, but doing this frame by frame would be a monumental task. I'm not suicidal to go into that kind of work hehe I'm dedicated, not crazy :)


i gave you a 1 cause the background was pretty nice.

ok BUT

the timing on your jokes was terrible. The jokes themselves were ok, but dude, work on the timing.


I think your sense of humor could use some work, but I liked what animation you had in there.


nowhere near as good as number 1

very nice

The fighting animations and camera movements were great. It would have been nice if you had lip synched the talking. I loved the backgrounds - i always thought that backgrounds were important.

If you drew and created the fighting yourself, then i'm very impressed. but if you have traced something, then that's too bad. I have a feeling that you didn't trace, though...

either way, good job

Grifter0730 responds:

Everything was animated on my own, no tracing of anything besides my own pencilled drawings.

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